Bridal Horse Decoration

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Age: 18th Century
Origin: Southern Russian Republic; possibly Uzbekistan

Description: This highly collectible piece was traditionally used to decorate the bride’s horse inwhich she would ride on during her wedding.  The front of this keepsake is made with red velvet embroidered with silver, metal and silk threads of three medalions bordered by flowers, handmade yellow tassels, blue velvet and then another layer of red tassels. For comfort, the sitting area was left plain and felt was used as cushioning inbetween the back and the front pieces. The backing is made from early (18th century) Ekut fabric blended from silk and fine cotton. The wear and tear of this highly collectible piece gives it its rare authenticity and is sold as is.

Dimensions: 6’8″ x 4’7″

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Product code: TX2008